Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant & Market: A Culinary Journey in Danbury, CT

Nestled in the vibrant city of Danbury, Connecticut, Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant & Market offers a captivating blend of Middle Eastern flavors, warm hospitality, and a unique culinary experience. This family-owned establishment takes diners on a gastronomic journey through the rich and diverse cuisine of the Middle East while also providing a market where visitors can explore and purchase authentic ingredients and products. Information can be found here.

Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine:

Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant is renowned for its authentic and flavorful dishes that showcase the vibrant flavors and spices of the region. The menu offers various options, from classic mezze platters featuring hummus, baba ganoush, and falafel to mouthwatering kebabs, shawarma, and lamb chops. The chefs at Hanna’s use traditional cooking techniques and fresh ingredients to ensure an authentic dining experience. See here for information about Ridgewood Country Club: A Premier Golfing Destination in Danbury, CT.

Market: A Glimpse into Middle Eastern Culture:

Adjacent to the restaurant, Hanna’s Market offers an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Middle Eastern culture through a diverse selection of products and ingredients. The market features a wide range of Middle Eastern spices, specialty grains, olive oils, teas, and sweets, providing customers with the means to recreate the region’s flavors in their kitchens. Additionally, the market offers a variety of imported Middle Eastern products, including traditional cookware, ceramics, and decorative items, allowing visitors to bring a piece of Middle Eastern culture home.

Warm and Welcoming Ambience:

Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant & Market provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the culinary experience. The restaurant’s decor combines modern elements with traditional Middle Eastern touches, creating a comfortable and visually appealing space. The attentive and friendly staff further enhances the dining experience, ensuring guests feel welcomed and well-cared for throughout their visit.

Cultural Events and Catering Services:

Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant & Market is more than just a dining establishment; it also serves as a hub for cultural events and celebrations. The restaurant hosts live music performances, belly dancing shows, and themed nights that allow guests to experience the vibrant traditions of the Middle East. Moreover, Hanna’s offers catering services, bringing the region’s flavors to weddings, private parties, and corporate events, further spreading the joy of Middle Eastern cuisine.


Hanna’s Middle Eastern Restaurant & Market in Danbury, Connecticut, offers a culinary adventure through the Middle East’s vibrant flavors and rich traditions. With its authentic cuisine, a market full of exotic ingredients, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and cultural events, Hanna’s provides a truly immersive experience for visitors. Whether you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine or curious to explore new flavors, Hanna’s is a must-visit destination that promises to delight your senses and transport you to the heart of the Middle East.